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Out-Patient Clinic

Prosper Integrated Health Care, LLC is a Medical & Behavioral Health Outpatient Treatment center that offers community outreach, individual and family assessments as well as individualized treatment plans that work in collaboration with natural supports and community-based social service agencies.


With recent trends within the educational and community-based services, our goal is to assist our clients served with the tools needed to transition toward goal attainment in education (diploma, GED prep), a behavior modification (Behavior Coach), facilitation of monthly team meetings (Child and Family Team Meetings) collaboration with (DCS, Probation, school staff, family, and staff at the BHRF).


Prosper Integrated Health Care's goal is to utilize wrap-a-round services to reduce hospitalizations, criminal activity, and recidivism rates,  amongst our clients served.

Adult Services:

➜ Medical Care

➜ Individual & Family Counseling

➜ Case Management

➜ Domestic Violence Diversion Program

➜ DUI Classes

➜ Parenting Classes

➜ Clinical Assessments

➜ Peer Support

➜ Advocacy

➜ Behavioral Health Outpatient Treatment and Therapy

➜ Substance Abuse

➜ Depression

➜ Anxiety

➜ Anger Management

➜ Living Skills Training & Development

      ➜ Psychosocial Rehabilitation

➜ GED Preparation Education

➜ Home Economics (Financial Budgeting)

➜ Career Development

➜ Communication Skills Building

➜ Public Speaking

➜ Behavioral Health Residential Facility Placement

➜ Transportation


Foster Youth Services 

➜  Individual/Group/Family Counseling

➜  In-home Therapy available upon request
➜  Substance Abuse Therapy
➜  Case Management
➜  Behavior Coaching
➜  Mentoring
➜  Tutoring

➜  GED Preparation Education 

➜  Career Development

➜  Domestic Violence Diversion Program

➜  Living Skills Training & Development

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